There are multiple types of tree allergies. The most common kind of allergy is a tree pollen allergy. Most trees begin pollination at the end of winter or the beginning of spring. Tree pollen is fine and powdery and is carried by the wind. The trees that are causing allergies may not be near because the wind can carry the pollen for miles. When the pollen is in the air it is hard to see and even tiny amounts can trigger allergy symptoms. Some allergies below have links to specific information about it.

Tree Allergies that Allergy 123 tests for and creates personal treatment plans for using home-based immunotherapy:*

American Elm


Mountain Cedar

American Sycamore








Olive Tree

Black Walnut



Black Willow


Russian Olive



Shagbark Hickory

Chinese Elm


Silver Maple

Common Cottonwood


White Alder



White Ash




* Tests vary slightly by state because each state has different

concentrations of specfic species

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