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I'm not an allergist. Can my practice provide this allergy service?
Most primary care or family health practices can provide and bill for this service. We provide the services to your clinic, while you or your physicians oversee total patient care.

Is this service reimbursed through insurance?
Yes. Allergy testing and immunotherapy is an FDA recognized treatment with established results. Most insurance providers reimburse for these services.

How long does testing take?
A simple skin test includes 58 of the most common airborne allergens in your region. Results are read after 15 minutes.

Why should I incorporate this into my practice?
What’s “out there” is not working. Patients suffer in silence without knowing there is an alternative. Patients prefer their family doctor oversee their total care. Diagnosing and treating airborne allergies in your clinic is within your scope of practice. This presents a huge patient care opportunity in addition to a financial opportunity.


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