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home-based immunotherapy

Allergy 123 is a company dedicated to helping people overcome their chronic airborne allergies. Our company works with Providers and Practices to test, diagnose, and treat airborne allergies.  Allergy 123 uses the most state-of-the-art testing and protocols to make custom home-based immunotherapy treatments for individual patients.

First, our allergy clinic begins with the administration with a simple skin test which yields a patients' results within 15 minutes. The test identifies allergens that are found in the patients' local area that have caused a immune system response. Once these results are determined, you and your doctor pick up to five of the most reactive allergens for your immunotherapy.

Allergy 123 will then give your physician the tools to create your custom serum for immunotherapy treatment. This is done safely by “ramping” (increasing the dosage of allergen) the patient up to higher concentrations of serum. Once your initial serum is mixed, the office will make an appointment for your first injection and then you complete that vial of serum at home.

For the home-based immunotherapy treatment program, each patient is treated by a trained medical professional and treated under the care of their own physician. Patients run courses of injections that they inject themselves. Every time you move up in your serum concentration you will do your first injection in the office as opposed to every immunotherapy injection. This is for the patients’ safety. All of this is done in your primary care doctor’s office, so there is no need for a referral to a specialist. You will complete a year of treatment before being re-tested.

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home-based immunotherapy .

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